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Josh Deane is a contemporary landscape painter, originally from Kent but currently based in East London. Working with the slow drying nature of oil paints, his aim is to capture the essence of a landscape by combining thick layers of paint with a soft, rounded touch.

Whilst he often paints specific subjects and areas, ambiguity is to be desired. The aim is to create interpretation and subjectivity but capturing the emotion and feeling of a place is the primary goal.

Josh realised his love of art from an early age and continued to progress through school, but unfortunately, it became an occasional hobby in his late teens and early twenties.

Thanks to the lockdown in early 2020, Josh re-discovered his love for painting and has continued to develop his skills into an established and well accomplished technique.

Josh's inspiration comes from vast, dominating skies. He feels any additional subject is always secondary to the sky as that is where the mood and the feeling of the painting comes from.

Whilst only using a handful of colours, he creates a consistency within a piece of work or a collection. His style is found in the contrast of tones created, whether he is painting 'Plein Air' or in the studio (his flat).


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